Joe Bagnardi's Bio:                                              Joe has made films most of his life. Over a 22 year period he made 250 short films from 4 to 20 minutes. In 1992 he worked on a werewolf film in Texas called VERDUN MANOR.  After that he worked with filmmaker Bruce G. Hallenbeck on his films BLACK EASTER, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT and THE DROWNED.  In 95-96 he made his first feature SHADOW TRACKER which was picked up for release by EI CINEMA and retitled SHADOW TRACKER:VAMPIRE HUNTER.  That film was shown on satlellite TV and The Philadelphia and New York International film festivals. It also won awards called the Communicator and Videographer awards, one for camerawork. Joe's next feature was a horror anthology for filmmaker Kevin Lindenmuth called BLOOD OF THE WEREWOLF. Joe filmed the first story for Bruce G. Hallenvbeck called BLOOD REUNION and did the 3rd story called MANBEAST. He then did a short film as a tribute to STAR TREK called STAR QUEST: DESTINIES.  The next film was a horror anthology called THE EDGE OF REALITY, inspired by THE TWILIGHT ZONE and shows like that. Joe has worked closely with filmmaker Jeff Kirkendall of both of their films. Check out reviews for THE EDGE OF REALITY at www.veryscaryproductions. com. Joe is currently working on  PROJECT D: CLASSIFIED
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